Used BMW 320 for sale
BMW 320
RM 72,000.00
Used BMW 330 for sale
BMW 330
RM 83,000.00
Used Honda City for sale
Honda City
RM 41,000.00
Used Kia Spectra for sale
Kia Spectra
RM 14,800.00
Used Hyundai Getz for sale
Hyundai Getz
RM 18,500.00
Used Proton Persona for sale
Proton Persona
RM 30,000.00
Used Mazda RX-8 for sale
Mazda RX-8
RM 87,000.00
Used BMW 730 for sale
BMW 730
RM 150,000.00
Used BMW 320 for sale
BMW 320
RM 159,000.00
Used Suzuki Swift for sale
Suzuki Swift
RM 42,800.00
Used Nissan Sentra for sale
Nissan Sentra
RM 42,800.00
Used Toyota Camry for sale
Toyota Camry
RM 49,800.00
Used Honda Odyssey for sale
Honda Odyssey
RM 53,800.00
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World strongest BMW X5   

BMW G-Power X5 Typhoon RS

With 625 HP the worlds strongest BMW SUV! Brawny wing extensions and strikingly formed front- and rear skirts qualified for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, mark the appearance of the G-POWER TYPHOON RS. The body alteration in OEM-quality made of PU-rim has been developed by the G-POWER designers by using state-of-the-art CAD technology. Therefore, the basic car has been entirely digitalised with a 3D-scanner on G-Powers company premises.

by Ron (04/10/2012)Read More
The Monster Racing Buggy   

Buggy - this sounds like california dune hopping with old VW beetle technic. But this does not have to be the case - proven by the italian car manufacturer Fornasari. They created a Racing Buggy - with Corvette motor and 600 horsepowers. And the italians really plan to bring this monster to the market.

by Ron (04/10/2012)Read More